Terms and Conditions

  1. To request and receive this service you must be the owner of the mobile phone or an authorised user of the phone, who is authorised to incur charges against the phone.

  2. The contract runs from the date mkodo (We) accept your registration until you or We cancel it. You can suspend the service at any time - log in to your account and choose 'Cancel service' button. We can suspend or cancel the service if you fail to make payment or breach the conditions of use. We can also cancel the service on 2 days notice at our discretion without detailing a specific reason. In this event, notice will be given in writing on these Terms and Conditions.

  3. The RNLI SMS launch alert service is available on all UK mobile networks only.

  4. We are not liable for any error, delay or interruption to nor any inaccuracy or imcompleteness in the service, which is outside our control. We do not guarantee that the service will be without delay or interruption not that the information supplied with be accurate or complete.

  5. The price of the service (displayed when you sign up for the service) is the price that is applicable to your mobile phone network. Unless stated otherwise, the price includes VAT. Messages are charged at the rate current at the time of transmission. You pay per message received. Charges are billed by and payable by you or the mobile phone owner to your mobile phone company.

  6. The total payment from the mobile gateway providers, in respect of the premium SMS will be received by the RNLI. The sum varies by the mobile network but in general in case of 25p SMS this is 10.5p and in the case of 50p SMS this is 26p.

  7. Any messages you respond to will be charged at your normal network rate.

  8. We reserve the right to alter charges and/or the conditions from time to time on 7 days notice . You have the right to cancel the service immediately by texting the word 'stop' to 07786204935 from the mobile phone number you used to sign up. Alternatively you can log on to your account and choose 'Cancel service' button.

  9. By subscribing to the RNLI SMS launch alert service you are agreeing to receive occasional SMS messages from the RNLI informing you of promotions and events. You will not be charged for receiving these messages.

  10. Publication, copying or re-distribution of any information is prohibited. Information received by this service is for personal use only.

  11. Service provided by mkodo limited - 020 7729 4545